Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable

  The best question:

  I wonder what that is?

 The old 20 questions hints of Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable is a nice way to break down our subject interests.  It's oversimplified but it works.  

 Take for example an unfamiliar track you spot on a beach.  Ask yourself "I wonder what that is?"  Answer with "Well is it Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable?"  At this point you may want to stop talking out loud and keep your dialoge internal, lest anyone nearby start looking at you funny.

 If the track has something that looks like toe marks  you might say "Well it appears to  have four toe marks that I can see. It must then  be an animal"  Again over simplified but you get the point.  

 Start by saying "I wonder what that is?" when you see something new and then begin asking yourself questions about it.  Be your own mentor.

The Natural World is full of questions and mysteries.  Don't let it overwhelm you, start small and work up to the larger peices of the puzzle.

Whether you are a bird watcher, survival enthusiast,
biologist, teacher, or student
the Earth has something to teach you.

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